Custom Order

KT 0145

This service can be used to create new pieces of jewellery, artwork or furnishings specifically to your liking. You can choose colour, material, string style and metal finishes, or just leave it to Becky to make something to her design.

Popular custom orders (also called bespoke or commissions) include:

  • Coin jewellery – you choose a year and charm specific to a significant date
  • Wedding jewellery – Bridal necklaces, bracelets, charms an bridesmaids jewellery, plus gifts for the wedding party
  • Beaded jewellery with easy to fasten clasps or multi-wear properties (eg necklaces with detachable charms)
  • Co-ordinating outfit jewellery – Jewellery made for a specific occasion or outfit combination

Consultation in person or by email is free, and every item is priced independently with no charge added for this bespoke service. Usual postage fees apply and orders will have a slower turn around than ready-made items due to sourcing time scales. During busy periods such as Christmas or Valentines Day, an early enquiry will ensure your item is made well within your required date. Becky does her very best to make sure the jewellery she makes is exactly what the client is expecting. This is checked through emailing or verification in person. For full information of Becky’s service please email her at