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January in full flight

A happy new year to you all and I hope you had a wonderful break. We have a mild January here in the UK so far, but winter is still well and truly at home. That has meant few distractions from making sure you all have new designs to feast your eyes on for 2020. Whilst a lot of this work took place last year, it takes time to feed the website with the hundreds of photos that have been edited. You might also notice some new features on the website too – things are being improved over the next month to help you find your way around the site better, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

In essence, this year is focussed upon all the things you loved last year, with the old favourites in there too. You loved the mounted five pences last year, so more of those and an introduction of 1950 English shillings which I just adore! The signature designs are back, as these making great anniversary gifts. Did you know the crystal is a teardrop shape, representing communication and compassion, whilst the pearl represents wisdom gathered and connection. Meaning is what makes Prenoa pieces so special and you can also add your own.

With an ever-expanding range available here on the site, and a relocation planned, I am also now working with stockists in the UK too. It’s going to be a massive year for Prenoa and I am so grateful to you all for keeping the love for coins, one another and your stories alive. I love hearing about the journeys that have lead you to purchasing your piece(s) and the amazing people who will be receiving them. Here’s to spreading love and light through coins and giving.

Becky x

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Prenoa’s 2020 designs are live!

Coin gifts for the year ahead? Yes please, Prenoa knows 2020 is going to be HUGE! The first design to be launched to the site are the 60th birthday birthstone sixpences necklace – a top leader over the last five years and much cherished.

This year, customisation is at the key of what Prenoa is doing. And we have made it easier by giving you more options to customise as you shop, meaning you can go through the process more quickly and give the best gift possible! Personalised, thoughtful and meaningful, every time.

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Last Post Dates for Christmas

The air is prickling with excitement and a snowball of Christmas anticipation. You have been showering me with your orders and special requests ahead of the end of the month and for those who still wish to place an order still, here are some key dates for you:

Tuesday 3rd December – Last cufflink orders for both UK and international

Friday 6th December – Last orders for international orders in time for Christmas

Friday 13th December – Last orders for UK orders in time for Christmas

If you have a custom request, do get in touch. You can do this via or via instagram or facebook. The buttons for social media are at the footer of the homepage and here are some quick links below of some really fabby items that are especially amazing for super Christmas gifts!

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The Power of Giving

We are on the cusp of December and it is one of the busiest weeks of the year this week. With Black Friday deals and “I’m a Celeb” well underway, winter is now edging closer and wrapping it’s dark blanket around us at 3:30pm. But the great news is, we can snuggle down, pour a glass of wine or a cuppa and think about what we wish to share with all the amazing people in our life.

I was talking to my dear friend Lyndsey earlier about giving and the feeling it brings – we agreed, that as people who make and share things, it is definitely the giving that brings us to a place of high vibes, a place that fills us with anticipation and our heart with great joy. Not only that, it makes connections, mends bridges, solidifies friendships and re-establishes bonds between generations. Giving is a precious key to community and even when nothing physical changes hands, precious things can happen.

Every piece of Prenoa celebrates giving, whatever form that takes for you, we help you realise it. Take a tour of the website and you will always find something new… and if you want to go even further, we can create something that is bespoke to you – that no one else in the world has. This has been achieved for hundreds of people and it’s so amazing to think these never to be repeated pieces are walking their way around every corner of the world.
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Christmas Around the Corner – Lucky Coins make their debut

New for this Christmas, these cute little Christmas stocking fillers are now available to purchase through the website and Etsy. I am really happy to be revealing these, as I have been waiting months until it’s socially acceptable to mention the festive C word.

Available as sixpences, threepences, farthings and pennies, each has it’s own gift card and fits perfectly into a wax sealed grey envelope with ribbon. Perfect for those Christmas Day place mats, on the plate or placed carefully on your Christmas tree with names on. If you are visiting family or neighbours over Christmas, why not take them one of these instead of a bottle of wine (or as well as, if you reeeeally like them!).Alternatively, a little Secret Santa or stocking filler for adults that you won’t see on the day – they truly are the gift you know will keep bringing good luck and keep good vibrations flowing!

Each coin is picked especially for you or your loved one. Some are crisp, some are worn, but all have a unique story and history. I hope you love you as much as I do!

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2020 Photography Shoot!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for Prenoa and one where I was able to take a step back from silver dust and polishing to see the new lifestyle portraits taking shape for the 2020 product launch.

This is always a really wonderful and humbling experience, as I always find myself falling in love a little more with what I do and feeling my heart flutter every time the shutter clicks on the camera. The new year is often quiet for some businesses, but for Prenoa it is one of the most demanding times of the year. As our best sellers are big birthday jewellery and accessories, with a new year comes all new big birthday dates (2020 will mean all coins that end in an ‘0’ are milestone coins eg 1950, 1930 etc) and this means new photography showing the correct coin year. It is also a perfect time to introduce and trial new designs of limited edition items; next year there will be at least eight new products exclusive to 2020 as we lose a few limited edition 2019 designs. Needless to say, the cogs are already turning on this process from late August onwards alongside my usual ‘day to day’, but January is when I get to share 5 months of preparation with you!

Once again, Katie Julia, the amazingly talented photographer and dear friend captured the essence of Prenoa moving into the next phase of it’s life. As always, we remain proud of what it stands for,

‘Being true to all that has been, and all that is’

The coins are a history and as they pass through my workshop on to you- their intended, what goes with them is their true value beyond imperial coinage.

Over the next few weeks you will see some of these photos from our most recent shoot start to appear on the website, through instagram and on product images. The styling is based on simplicity, classic elegance, natural light and of course timeless coins. I hope you love them as much as I do x

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Well Dressed is Well Met

This morning I waved hubby off with a crisp white shirt and his first set of Prenoa cufflinks… and it got me to thinking how important a good pair of cufflinks are. There are certain physical things we notice about people when we first meet them (for me it’s eyes colour, their smile, their watch and their shoes!). After this morning, cufflinks are now added to my list.

When he put the gold threepences on and tilted his wrist to peek, he smiled and looked pleased. It blew me away and I asked him how he felt. He said ‘fully dressed now, ready for all the day has in store for me, thank you’. I wonder, if any other Prenoa cufflinks make a man feel that way… I certainly hope so because everyone deserves to feel happy at the start of their day!

So, I’ve been working at putting together a few more products that I hope will be the finishing touch for someone you love. All Prenoa cufflinks have sterling silver backs and are soldered with the highest finish in mind. Polished, finished by hand and gift boxed in specially designed cufflink box

Silver, gold, bronze and more – I feel, they evoke a feeling of high standards, historical respect, integrity and timeless class. They are intriguing but no gimmick, original and timeworn.

Every day is an occasion when you make the most of what you have.


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New bangles join the Prenoa family

Hurray or summer! Bangles are now live and in their own little category. You can find them from the homepage, the drop down menu or here:

If you haven’t guessed by now, they are one of the most popular designs we do. The sixpence has in previous times been the most loved, but who knows which design will be popular this time!

Coin bangle - coin jewellery - by Prenoa
British Threepenny coin bangle with sterling silver

Our new farthing bangle has already received much appreciation, with a threepence design also being added to the cohort.

You can now choose additional bangles to accompany your coin too – a first this summer. Up to two additional bangles are available so you can stack away and even wear your little coinless bangles alone if you are looking for to layer with other designs. The choice is yours.

Peruse below and find the right bangle for you…. we won’t be holding onto them for long.
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Launching soon… Infinity Bangles – How many is too many?

My sterling silver infinity bangles are almost ready for their new launch. Every quarter I open the floodgates to these little treasures and you never let me down. Last year we had an order for eight in one go, which makes me wonder if they were for one wrist or a few?!

It takes all my spare time from running Prenoa to create a collection big enough for you all to purchase! Metres and metres of wire is needed and I find it so therapeutic making them – each bangle is truly unique in the way the metals twists, the ends solder and the hammered effect takes shape. I like to be completely present when I’m working, so that care and attention goes into each one. I’m a believer we can sense the energy of a thing when we touch it, or experience it, so I want to energy of each piece to be loving and honest.

So for now, I’m just popping this post on to keep the drumroll drumming, and so you can see I do wear these myself…. this is one, but let’s just say, I have many!

Have a beautiful week and keep watching on social media for the launch! They won’t be in stock for long!

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Sterling Silver Bangles by Prenoa

Today we have been in the workshop, with tea and jaffa cakes! It’s been such a great day, sawing silver and hearing the clink of hammering metal. The sunlight has been blazing through the window and we are over halfway through around 25 bangles.

Making a sterling silver bangle is quite time consuming and labour intensive, even though it is also a pleasure to create. First the metal is measured, cut, weighed and filed. Then it is soldered with an open flame and filed again. It has to be made flat and round before anything else can happen. This is the work that was going on today, with a good dose of hammering, because you all seem to love the hammered infinity style the most! This process tempers the metal, making it stronger, so this means these bangles are suitable for every day wear, which also means we all get to appreciate them a bit longer each day.

I took a few snaps throughout the day with more to follow as they progress. I am really looking forward to getting the heavier bangles off to the Assay Office for hallmarking too. I have made one of these for myself and intend to never never never take it off!

Hope everyone is having a great week, keep reaching for your dreams x