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The Half Penny that Shaped the Spring

This beautiful new design has just launched on the website – the 60th birthday Calm Sea half penny with a new, nautical gold filled statement toggle clasp. This design is inspired by the portholes on the penny and when I first saw these large toggle clasps I just knew I had to use them for something special.

This necklace is so adaptable and is made to be gifted for so many wonderful occasions. Firstly, it’s available in various years, but I’ve released the 1958 version today. Ideal as a 60th gift, but this can also double up for the partner of someone in the navy, or why not a gold anniversary gift (since it is made with both rose gold and yellow gold..?), but I also love the bronze link, as this is what the coin was minted in.

As ever, I have made one for myself and plan to wear it over and over again this Spring / Summer. It goes with my funky light jeans and pale grey ensemble, that you’ll so regularly see me sporting when I’m working in the studio or running to the supermarket, or post office! One thing I’d add, get the 24inch version, as the longer length just works. Also, you can then use it as the footer to a layer combination… maybe with a cheeky little wren design several inches higher… (swoon).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a photo of the necklace in question, I hope you like it!


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New Prenoa Website! Easier navigation and more beautiful coin jewellery to browse

It’s been a few months since the ball starting rolling on a new look for, but the launch is finally here. And it’s white! Now who would have guessed it would be white? Anyone who has seen my house or any of my gift wrap will know white is my favourite. Clean, uncomplicated and always on trend!

We have been updating the navigation, offering new categories like ’25th Anniversary Gifts’ ‘8th Anniversary Gifts’ and ’21st Birthday Gifts’ so you’ll be able to find more of what you love now than ever before. The search bar has been improved too, so you can search by year, tag, term or coin and all matches will return results. In addition, we’ve kept the word cloud in the footer, so you can access key words quickly and pin-point exactly what matches.

Products are constantly being made and added, because I enjoy nothing more than sitting down and making, keeping the range expanding and my ideas growing. Bespoke orders are a gift because they help to highlight more of what you love and need, allowing me opportunity to provide that with the best quality coins, findings and precious metals I can find.

In essence, I like to keep Prenoa fresh-faced and ever evolving to suit the needs of the changing market places.

As the collaborative market places alter and expand, Prenoa remains holding strong to it’s core values of uniqueness, mindful making and only the very best service and products possible for every buyer. Purchasing here from the website is the strongest place to do so on the web; each item is gift-boxed, shipped quickly and available with the broadest range of products.

In the future we are looking at new ways to make the browsing and buying process even easier, but in the mean time, have fun using the new features and let me know what you think too at

Have a wonderful and meaningful weekend x

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New Bee Necklaces have arrived!

I by chance came across a beautiful little coin on my afternoon of sourcing last week, and after making a necklace for myself, have decided to roll out these little trinkets.

I feel so passionately about our bees and their unique role in our eco-system. I absolutely love anything bee – I use propolis for skin, beeswax for candles, honey on my porridge and even bees wax wraps instead of cling film. I plant so many bee friendly plants in my garden, so the little critters have all-year round energy.

It seems only natural that there should be a coin out there to fill my bees needs too! Bee jewellery is definitely on trend.

So these are the ones  have added to the website this morning. One has a lovely toggle design, as these are some of the most popular kinds of necklaces Prenoa sells. The front fastening seems to be a feature that is loved year after year.

The second has a piece of Himalayan amber attached as a charm – this will catch the light like molten honey and works really well with the coin itself.

And as ever, a coin only design; which is perfect for all you purists out there.

Each coin is made of brass, with rose gold vermeil as the metal of choice (or sterling silver with the toggle design if you wish).

As ever, each coin is unique in the journey it has taken and these particular coins are Italian in origin, from the 1920’s and 30’s. Perfect for vintage lovers and coin appreciators alike.

You can click the images to take you directly to the products for a closer inspection and gift wrap is also customisable with these designs. I have a feeling these are going to be the new Prenoa favourite!


Bee Necklace – Amber Coin Pendant

Bee Necklace with Amber

Bee Coin Necklace

Rose gold bee necklace, being worn
Italian coin necklace handmade featuring a beautiful bee motif. Rose gold findings.
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Added extras to make giving easier

It’s now become a whole lot easier to customise Prenoa products without having to leave a note at check out or search through lots of items. Yesterday I launched the drop down menus, which allows every customer to choose the exact design they want quickly and easily. The drop down menus are especially useful for selecting the size of bangle you’d like to order, the birthstone charm you’d like on your sixpence necklace, or even additional plain bangles to stack for a more on-trend gift.

Most products are embedded with this feature and the benefit is a more streamlined shopping experience and a tidier gallery to view.

Check out one such example product here:

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New Infinity Coin Bangles in Sterling Silver

These gorgeous 2mm infinity bangles are a unique collaboration between myself and the very talented Lesley Adolphson. Firm friends, we have been wanting an excuse to work together for some time and here it is. Infinity bangles are perfect alone with a coin charm, or layered for a more stacked look. Coins and charms can be added over time, or straight away. Personalise these to your hearts content. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large. The hammer effect silver catches the light perfectly and also strengthens the silver so they are suitable for every day wear as well as special occasion. View and purchase here:

For other coin years, please email Further years will be added to the website over time, but if you can’t wait, emailing is always the quickest way to get an answer.

Magdalene is wearing bangles in a medium size featuring sixpence and threepenny coins
Magdalene is wearing bangles in a medium size featuring sixpence and threepenny coins
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Prenoa Lifestyle Shoot Sneaky Peek

Prenoa is having a bit of a make over and it’s not just about the jewellery. In June, talented photographer Katie Julia came to Stamford and in the beautiful afternoon light, took some photos of myself and our models Magdalene, Lottie and the beautiful little Florence. In the captivating setting of an early Victorian home, we captured some effective shots that will be used in the months to come.

Photos will be making their appearance on the front end of the website in the next few weeks, featuring all the models and showcasing new designs, new ideas and new stationary.

Here are a few little shots of both ‘in progress’ and final results. Thank you to Katie, Lottie, Magda and little Flo for bringing the products to life, you are all sensational.







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Look what I found this morning…

One summer day in 1984, I was sat in my parents’ back garden having my photo taken for their little ‘Becky’ album and I found my Dad’s watch. I was completely fascinated by it – it’s weight, the design and most of all the shiny beauty of it. Years later, I am making my own jewellery, with the same shiny surfaces and intricate detail. Who would have thought? Maybe it was those early introductions to my Mum’s jewellery box or Dad’s watch, but having never been particularly materialistic (I prefer quality over quantity) myself, I do remember being told the significance of each treasured item, the place it was bought, why, who it was from and other stories that made a piece of metal or stone have so much more value and weight to it. Without knowing it, this early lesson has been the glowing light that has grown into the flame of reason behind Prenoa.

After the recent photo shoot with Katie Julia and the girls, I was reminded of this little photo when I saw the early unedited versions of a few taken of me. I realised the expression on my face is similar to that of my younger self; quiet contemplation, contentment and appreciation. That is what I felt about what I saw, and it’s what I feel now about what I see and do. Sure we change, evolve and tire of some things… the clarinet for instance, it never took off… but some things become ingrained and it appears that pretty shiny things are now in the facets of my ‘creative wrinkles of age’. And that makes me very happy.

2016-06-28 13.10.31(1)

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It is a (gift) wrap at Prenoa!

Giftwrapping is one of the most important ways that a designer can add care and identity to a product. It’s alsoa way that the designer can communicate to the buyer ‘You are important to me, I care and I want this product to really make you or something you care about feel special’.

I am always coming up with new ideas for giftwrapping (or just making secret boards on pinterest that I can later adapt) to make sure that I set myself apart from other designers. Not to be better necessarily, but to be unique and recognisable.

For a few months now I have been giftwrapping items in this way, but today I am updating my photography using the ‘grid’ format which I so love. So here is my promise to you; when I giftwrap your order, this is how it will look and I will take as much care and consideration over these layers of paper and ribbon as I will on the jewellery itself.


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When in Rome… wear white plimsoles and eat obscene amounts of gelato… right?

Do you remember that lovely list I jotted at the beginning of the year…? Well, it’s all going rather like tick, tick, tick. I finally waved off my oh so faithful Hyundai in April for a lovely new beast (named Maurice) and have upgraded from a black waiting room style sofa to a plush light grey ‘throw a blanket over me and I’m done’ model (I didn’t name the sofa…. but the store did… so if you’re wondering, it’s called the Perth). So far, three ticks there. Then, there’s the fact I’ve joined a pilates group and the local running club. These were both on the list, so tick, tick.

But that’s enough trumpet blowing… I want to tell you how amazing Rome was. Yes, Rome was on the list too and has been for around fifteen years, since I visited Tarragona with my brother as saw the amazing ruins there. It inspired me to want to see the home of these ingenius people, and thus the intention has waited silently but determined (a little like it’s conceiver) until the timing was right.

It was great to have a break, and I felt so invigorated and inspired by the entire city. We walked our socks off, or white plimsoles in this case, which by about day two, were a more earthy shade of grey ochre. The highlights? Simple things like finding a murano glass shop on a side street and watching a glass blower making vases, a massive scoop of melon flavoured sorbet at the pantheon, a huge scoop of salted caramel gelato on the river, a chocolate ice cream cone (just kidding!)….. but seriously, we saw all the usual tourist attractions and they were captivating, but none so much than the Colluseum. Thankfully I had my film camera with me and though the reels aren’t back yet, I can’t wait to see them. My intention was specific – not just to visit Rome, but to take a black and white 35mm photo of the Colluseum at early morning light. And I did it. At 0805 we were stood in line and b y 0835 we were inside. The scale of the building, the early morning sunlight, the height, the ruins, the footsteps, the history, the stories, the plays, the terror, the bloodshed and the thick air of rags, riches and memories – the place is oozing with it and feels heavy with layers of human interaction. I absolutely loved it and felt so very small but honoured to be there. I think it is a rare thing to know you’re having a defining moment in your life, as often they happen and its only afterwards you realise right? But not so here, this was a defining moment, not just because it was something that I had wanted to do for so long, but because of the enormity of what this building meant to me, in my life, in this year, at that particular moment. I will never forget it. Or the gelato… Rome, thank you, you have my heart. I will be back… with slightly more appropriate footwear.










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Essential Living Stamford, look out for Prenoa

This year’s Essential Living magazine is now out with all the latest and best local busineses(!). It’s a great magazine that allows us to all shop local and support out small businesses. This edition sees Prenoa in one of the advert columns, so I thought I’d pop a copy of the advert on the blog so you can look out for it as you turn the pages. More editiorials to come, it’s an exciting summer lined up for my little company.