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2020 Photography Shoot!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for Prenoa and one where I was able to take a step back from silver dust and polishing to see the new lifestyle portraits taking shape for the 2020 product launch.

This is always a really wonderful and humbling experience, as I always find myself falling in love a little more with what I do and feeling my heart flutter every time the shutter clicks on the camera. The new year is often quiet for some businesses, but for Prenoa it is one of the most demanding times of the year. As our best sellers are big birthday jewellery and accessories, with a new year comes all new big birthday dates (2020 will mean all coins that end in an ‘0’ are milestone coins eg 1950, 1930 etc) and this means new photography showing the correct coin year. It is also a perfect time to introduce and trial new designs of limited edition items; next year there will be at least eight new products exclusive to 2020 as we lose a few limited edition 2019 designs. Needless to say, the cogs are already turning on this process from late August onwards alongside my usual ‘day to day’, but January is when I get to share 5 months of preparation with you!

Once again, Katie Julia, the amazingly talented photographer and dear friend captured the essence of Prenoa moving into the next phase of it’s life. As always, we remain proud of what it stands for,

‘Being true to all that has been, and all that is’

The coins are a history and as they pass through my workshop on to you- their intended, what goes with them is their true value beyond imperial coinage.

Over the next few weeks you will see some of these photos from our most recent shoot start to appear on the website, through instagram and on product images. The styling is based on simplicity, classic elegance, natural light and of course timeless coins. I hope you love them as much as I do x