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Sterling Silver Bangles by Prenoa

Today we have been in the workshop, with tea and jaffa cakes! It’s been such a great day, sawing silver and hearing the clink of hammering metal. The sunlight has been blazing through the window and we are over halfway through around 25 bangles.

Making a sterling silver bangle is quite time consuming and labour intensive, even though it is also a pleasure to create. First the metal is measured, cut, weighed and filed. Then it is soldered with an open flame and filed again. It has to be made flat and round before anything else can happen. This is the work that was going on today, with a good dose of hammering, because you all seem to love the hammered infinity style the most! This process tempers the metal, making it stronger, so this means these bangles are suitable for every day wear, which also means we all get to appreciate them a bit longer each day.

I took a few snaps throughout the day with more to follow as they progress. I am really looking forward to getting the heavier bangles off to the Assay Office for hallmarking too. I have made one of these for myself and intend to never never never take it off!

Hope everyone is having a great week, keep reaching for your dreams x