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New Prenoa Website! Easier navigation and more beautiful coin jewellery to browse

It’s been a few months since the ball starting rolling on a new look for, but the launch is finally here. And it’s white! Now who would have guessed it would be white? Anyone who has seen my house or any of my gift wrap will know white is my favourite. Clean, uncomplicated and always on trend!

We have been updating the navigation, offering new categories like ’25th Anniversary Gifts’ ‘8th Anniversary Gifts’ and ’21st Birthday Gifts’ so you’ll be able to find more of what you love now than ever before. The search bar has been improved too, so you can search by year, tag, term or coin and all matches will return results. In addition, we’ve kept the word cloud in the footer, so you can access key words quickly and pin-point exactly what matches.

Products are constantly being made and added, because I enjoy nothing more than sitting down and making, keeping the range expanding and my ideas growing. Bespoke orders are a gift because they help to highlight more of what you love and need, allowing me opportunity to provide that with the best quality coins, findings and precious metals I can find.

In essence, I like to keep Prenoa fresh-faced and ever evolving to suit the needs of the changing market places.

As the collaborative market places alter and expand, Prenoa remains holding strong to it’s core values of uniqueness, mindful making and only the very best service and products possible for every buyer. Purchasing here from the website is the strongest place to do so on the web; each item is gift-boxed, shipped quickly and available with the broadest range of products.

In the future we are looking at new ways to make the browsing and buying process even easier, but in the mean time, have fun using the new features and let me know what you think too at

Have a wonderful and meaningful weekend x

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Added extras to make giving easier

It’s now become a whole lot easier to customise Prenoa products without having to leave a note at check out or search through lots of items. Yesterday I launched the drop down menus, which allows every customer to choose the exact design they want quickly and easily. The drop down menus are especially useful for selecting the size of bangle you’d like to order, the birthstone charm you’d like on your sixpence necklace, or even additional plain bangles to stack for a more on-trend gift.

Most products are embedded with this feature and the benefit is a more streamlined shopping experience and a tidier gallery to view.

Check out one such example product here:

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‘Prenoa’ is the New Becky Toughill Handmade Jewellery

For some time I have been thinking over rebranding my company name. The time felt right at the beginning of this year and I am pleased to say it’s finally been realised. So from now on you will notice the url is not bthandmadejewellery.

A re-brand is always a bit of a tricky time, especially when changing a company name. The usual issue of logos and out of date promotional materials is obvious, but online resources, directories, social media and profiles have to also be changed. Then there are email addresses, not to mention gaining new SEO and online recognition for your new brand name. Many companies find that the new name is not well received, take for instance Marathon’s becoming Snickers (they never tasted the same), Jif becoming Cif (what’s that about?!) and Oil of Ulay becoming Olay (ok that one makes sense). So to win you all over if you’re not in love with my new brand name and preferred the mouthful that was ;), let me explain how I came up with the new name and what I then discovered which made it all the more magical.

The name prenoa as a word, does not mean anything, or so I thought. It has no meaning as far as I am aware in any language or writing. That’s why I liked it. I came up with it by writing small semi-words (not sure of the technical name for it) like ‘ab’ ‘de’ ‘sar’ etc and then put these together to experiment. Then I came across Prenoa. I simply liked the symphony of the two sounds of ‘pre’ soft and subtle against ‘noa’- very different but elegant also. But later I found by stitching these two words together, and there’s a message and it has become my message.

‘Pre’ in most languages translates to something that has been, that was, and that came before the current moment. This is relevant to me, as I already have a business that I am passionate about, using skills I have previously acquired, with customers that I love making for.

‘Noa’ has been known throughout history as a feminine and masculine name, meaning in Hebrew ‘My love, my affection’. As a coincidence my christian name, Rebecca, is also Hebrew, meaning ‘faithful wife’ or ‘to bind friendship’. With this in mind, Prenoa for me, is about how my creative skills have pathed my way to the present & how my love and affection for making jewellery, drawing, sketching and all things artistic continue to inspire me, to bind a friendship with me and fill me with joy.

I can’t help but feel, sometimes a name finds us, & when we find the real meaning behind them it’s almost like we already knew.

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No Longer Used But Never Forgotten

Since moving to wordpress last week and leaving beautiful weebly behind, I have missed my old blog and found myself looking through it and sharing some nice moments all over again. So if you would like to do the same, here is the link to it:

I can’t wait to share my thoughts, makes, plans and experiences with you on this new blog and hope you will stay with me on my journey and hop aboard for the ride.

Becky x

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The New Look Handmade Jewellery Website is Here!

Welcome to the new website and future home of Becky Toughill Handmade Jewellery. I’m so excited to at last be able to share this site with you. There is so much to check out and hopefully you’ll see a difference between this site and the previous one. My wonderful WebFairy Karen (founder of and I have been thinking of ideas to make your searching and shopping experience easier, more informative and fun.

You will see lots of new features, for example the new easy to navigate product categories, live feeds and the option to subscribe to our newsletter (well worth doing!). As well as categories, we have also installed tags. This means you can search for products by colour, materials and occasion helping you find what you want, faster. You can sort products by your budget and even by newness, if you want to access the latest designs uploaded to the site. There is also a new search box located in the top left of your screen and a shopping basket, so you can keep a tally on what you’re spending as you go. For regular shoppers, why not register your own account? There are incentives and perks to doing this and it is free to register.

I’ll be announcing more features of the new site in due course, but for now I hope you enjoy the new design and continue to love my unique handmade jewellery.

Becky x