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Christmas Around the Corner – Lucky Coins make their debut

New for this Christmas, these cute little Christmas stocking fillers are now available to purchase through the website and Etsy. I am really happy to be revealing these, as I have been waiting months until it’s socially acceptable to mention the festive C word.

Available as sixpences, threepences, farthings and pennies, each has it’s own gift card and fits perfectly into a wax sealed grey envelope with ribbon. Perfect for those Christmas Day place mats, on the plate or placed carefully on your Christmas tree with names on. If you are visiting family or neighbours over Christmas, why not take them one of these instead of a bottle of wine (or as well as, if you reeeeally like them!).Alternatively, a little Secret Santa or stocking filler for adults that you won’t see on the day – they truly are the gift you know will keep bringing good luck and keep good vibrations flowing!

Each coin is picked especially for you or your loved one. Some are crisp, some are worn, but all have a unique story and history. I hope you love you as much as I do!