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It is a (gift) wrap at Prenoa!

Giftwrapping is one of the most important ways that a designer can add care and identity to a product. It’s alsoa way that the designer can communicate to the buyer ‘You are important to me, I care and I want this product to really make you or something you care about feel special’.

I am always coming up with new ideas for giftwrapping (or just making secret boards on pinterest that I can later adapt) to make sure that I set myself apart from other designers. Not to be better necessarily, but to be unique and recognisable.

For a few months now I have been giftwrapping items in this way, but today I am updating my photography using the ‘grid’ format which I so love. So here is my promise to you; when I giftwrap your order, this is how it will look and I will take as much care and consideration over these layers of paper and ribbon as I will on the jewellery itself.