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January in full flight

A happy new year to you all and I hope you had a wonderful break. We have a mild January here in the UK so far, but winter is still well and truly at home. That has meant few distractions from making sure you all have new designs to feast your eyes on for 2020. Whilst a lot of this work took place last year, it takes time to feed the website with the hundreds of photos that have been edited. You might also notice some new features on the website too – things are being improved over the next month to help you find your way around the site better, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

In essence, this year is focussed upon all the things you loved last year, with the old favourites in there too. You loved the mounted five pences last year, so more of those and an introduction of 1950 English shillings which I just adore! The signature designs are back, as these making great anniversary gifts. Did you know the crystal is a teardrop shape, representing communication and compassion, whilst the pearl represents wisdom gathered and connection. Meaning is what makes Prenoa pieces so special and you can also add your own.

With an ever-expanding range available here on the site, and a relocation planned, I am also now working with stockists in the UK too. It’s going to be a massive year for Prenoa and I am so grateful to you all for keeping the love for coins, one another and your stories alive. I love hearing about the journeys that have lead you to purchasing your piece(s) and the amazing people who will be receiving them. Here’s to spreading love and light through coins and giving.

Becky x