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Look what I found this morning…

One summer day in 1984, I was sat in my parents’ back garden having my photo taken for their little ‘Becky’ album and I found my Dad’s watch. I was completely fascinated by it – it’s weight, the design and most of all the shiny beauty of it. Years later, I am making my own jewellery, with the same shiny surfaces and intricate detail. Who would have thought? Maybe it was those early introductions to my Mum’s jewellery box or Dad’s watch, but having never been particularly materialistic (I prefer quality over quantity) myself, I do remember being told the significance of each treasured item, the place it was bought, why, who it was from and other stories that made a piece of metal or stone have so much more value and weight to it. Without knowing it, this early lesson has been the glowing light that has grown into the flame of reason behind Prenoa.

After the recent photo shoot with Katie Julia and the girls, I was reminded of this little photo when I saw the early unedited versions of a few taken of me. I realised the expression on my face is similar to that of my younger self; quiet contemplation, contentment and appreciation. That is what I felt about what I saw, and it’s what I feel now about what I see and do. Sure we change, evolve and tire of some things… the clarinet for instance, it never took off… but some things become ingrained and it appears that pretty shiny things are now in the facets of my ‘creative wrinkles of age’. And that makes me very happy.

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