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Nene Valley Living Feature – November 2013

If I can just take a moment to propel you back to the glorious summer we had… in a remote part of the Sheffield countryside, on a hot and sunny day when the air smelt of thriving woodland and the birds were singing in the trees, myself and Vicki from Rosie Ellice Designs ventured to the Folksy Summer School for workshops, networking and fun. There we met the wonderful Fiona Cumberpatch, who by some coincidence lived but several miles from our stomping ground of Peterborough, in Elton. Being the Editor of Nene Valley Living, a fantastic and instrumental local magazine Fiona asked us to provide some material for the November edition. We were of course delighted and the great news is, it is now available to pick up a copy from in and around the PE area.

In the article, Vicki and I discuss how we started our separate businesses, have turned our hobbies into full time jobs and the tools and techniques we use to help our ventures thrive. If you do not live in our catchment area but fancy a read, fret not, for an online version of the magazine will be available shortly and I will be sure to post a link here very soon. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Vicki and I would like to thank Fiona, who somehow managed to include a huge amount of information into the article, whilst also skillfully including images of our work to give readers an insight to the varied products Vicki and I offer. Nene Valley Living is a fantastic magazine and covers a huge cross section of local and national interests and the November gift guide is especially worth a read in the run up to Christmas.