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New bangles join the Prenoa family

Hurray or summer! Bangles are now live and in their own little category. You can find them from the homepage, the drop down menu or here:

If you haven’t guessed by now, they are one of the most popular designs we do. The sixpence has in previous times been the most loved, but who knows which design will be popular this time!

Coin bangle - coin jewellery - by Prenoa
British Threepenny coin bangle with sterling silver

Our new farthing bangle has already received much appreciation, with a threepence design also being added to the cohort.

You can now choose additional bangles to accompany your coin too – a first this summer. Up to two additional bangles are available so you can stack away and even wear your little coinless bangles alone if you are looking for to layer with other designs. The choice is yours.

Peruse below and find the right bangle for you…. we won’t be holding onto them for long.