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New Bee Necklaces have arrived!

I by chance came across a beautiful little coin on my afternoon of sourcing last week, and after making a necklace for myself, have decided to roll out these little trinkets.

I feel so passionately about our bees and their unique role in our eco-system. I absolutely love anything bee – I use propolis for skin, beeswax for candles, honey on my porridge and even bees wax wraps instead of cling film. I plant so many bee friendly plants in my garden, so the little critters have all-year round energy.

It seems only natural that there should be a coin out there to fill my bees needs too! Bee jewellery is definitely on trend.

So these are the ones  have added to the website this morning. One has a lovely toggle design, as these are some of the most popular kinds of necklaces Prenoa sells. The front fastening seems to be a feature that is loved year after year.

The second has a piece of Himalayan amber attached as a charm – this will catch the light like molten honey and works really well with the coin itself.

And as ever, a coin only design; which is perfect for all you purists out there.

Each coin is made of brass, with rose gold vermeil as the metal of choice (or sterling silver with the toggle design if you wish).

As ever, each coin is unique in the journey it has taken and these particular coins are Italian in origin, from the 1920’s and 30’s. Perfect for vintage lovers and coin appreciators alike.

You can click the images to take you directly to the products for a closer inspection and gift wrap is also customisable with these designs. I have a feeling these are going to be the new Prenoa favourite!


Bee Necklace – Amber Coin Pendant

Bee Necklace with Amber

Bee Coin Necklace

Rose gold bee necklace, being worn
Italian coin necklace handmade featuring a beautiful bee motif. Rose gold findings.