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The New Look Handmade Jewellery Website is Here!

Welcome to the new website and future home of Becky Toughill Handmade Jewellery. I’m so excited to at last be able to share this site with you. There is so much to check out and hopefully you’ll see a difference between this site and the previous one. My wonderful WebFairy Karen (founder of and I have been thinking of ideas to make your searching and shopping experience easier, more informative and fun.

You will see lots of new features, for example the new easy to navigate product categories, live feeds and the option to subscribe to our newsletter (well worth doing!). As well as categories, we have also installed tags. This means you can search for products by colour, materials and occasion helping you find what you want, faster. You can sort products by your budget and even by newness, if you want to access the latest designs uploaded to the site. There is also a new search box located in the top left of your screen and a shopping basket, so you can keep a tally on what you’re spending as you go. For regular shoppers, why not register your own account? There are incentives and perks to doing this and it is free to register.

I’ll be announcing more features of the new site in due course, but for now I hope you enjoy the new design and continue to love my unique handmade jewellery.

Becky x