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‘Prenoa’ is the New Becky Toughill Handmade Jewellery

For some time I have been thinking over rebranding my company name. The time felt right at the beginning of this year and I am pleased to say it’s finally been realised. So from now on you will notice the url is not bthandmadejewellery.

A re-brand is always a bit of a tricky time, especially when changing a company name. The usual issue of logos and out of date promotional materials is obvious, but online resources, directories, social media and profiles have to also be changed. Then there are email addresses, not to mention gaining new SEO and online recognition for your new brand name. Many companies find that the new name is not well received, take for instance Marathon’s becoming Snickers (they never tasted the same), Jif becoming Cif (what’s that about?!) and Oil of Ulay becoming Olay (ok that one makes sense). So to win you all over if you’re not in love with my new brand name and preferred the mouthful that was ;), let me explain how I came up with the new name and what I then discovered which made it all the more magical.

The name prenoa as a word, does not mean anything, or so I thought. It has no meaning as far as I am aware in any language or writing. That’s why I liked it. I came up with it by writing small semi-words (not sure of the technical name for it) like ‘ab’ ‘de’ ‘sar’ etc and then put these together to experiment. Then I came across Prenoa. I simply liked the symphony of the two sounds of ‘pre’ soft and subtle against ‘noa’- very different but elegant also. But later I found by stitching these two words together, and there’s a message and it has become my message.

‘Pre’ in most languages translates to something that has been, that was, and that came before the current moment. This is relevant to me, as I already have a business that I am passionate about, using skills I have previously acquired, with customers that I love making for.

‘Noa’ has been known throughout history as a feminine and masculine name, meaning in Hebrew ‘My love, my affection’. As a coincidence my christian name, Rebecca, is also Hebrew, meaning ‘faithful wife’ or ‘to bind friendship’. With this in mind, Prenoa for me, is about how my creative skills have pathed my way to the present & how my love and affection for making jewellery, drawing, sketching and all things artistic continue to inspire me, to bind a friendship with me and fill me with joy.

I can’t help but feel, sometimes a name finds us, & when we find the real meaning behind them it’s almost like we already knew.