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Rose Gold Wedding Charms Hit The Shelves

Wedding season is well under way, and I should know, having recently tied the knot myself. It’s such a wonderful time of year for making promises and appreciating the beauty of the world around us. As I sit here typing this, with a cup of hot coffee and a chocolate orange hot cross bun (thank you Waitrose!), reliving the events of three weeks ago feels exhilarating and my heart sores – how could that much love exist all in one place at the same time? Long may it continue.

Having lived my own special day, I felt reinvigorated to freshen up the designs for Prenoa’s wedding charms, as the feeling of having those small pieces of tradition and meaning on the morning of that special day are so important. When I was getting dressed, wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue made me feel like I had an extra wedding cloak around me, that I became a bride. If I can create something that in some small way contributes to that feeling for someone else, then I feel honoured and want to make the very best I can for them.

I wanted to put a twist on a classic, so this time around, the main event are farthings! These bronze little beauties are already loved by you all, so why not bring them into the wedding ensemble? Rose gold is still really popular since its re-emergence in 2016 and shows no sign of slowing down, with a lot of high profile weddings incorporating the scheme into candle sticks, painted twigs, lanterns and bridesmaids accessories.

So four new designs have been launched today and will be available to purchased in limited editions over the coming months. Not only do they feature really lovely coins, but other components by famous and best selling high quality brands.

Each can be displayed in all sorts of ways:

  • Tie to a bride’s bouquet for a hint of colour, good luck and shine
  • String on an anklet or bracelet or use the length of ribbon to tie to the wrist or ankle
  • Tie into a loop under the bride’s dress – often there are small discreet loops for this kind of detail
  • Tie onto a clutch purse or around a champagne glass
  • Tie around the wedding cake slice or knife
  • Attach onto a bridal under garment or a garter

I really hope you like them and as ever, if you have an upcoming event you would like me to help you with, please drop me a line.

Wishing you all the most fantastic Easter week, B xx


Rose Gold Farthing Blush Silk Bridal Charm
Farthing Charm with blush hand dyed silk from Oh Curio, with rose gold vermeil findings and a real freshwater pearl.


Wren farthing rose gold charm with blue crystal
A wren farthing (something old), mixed with a genuine Swarovski element in sapphire or aquamarine (something blue), rose gold findings (something old) and a length of ivory satin ribbon to attach and tie a knot with.
Oh Curio navy ‘something blue’ silk ribbon (1.2inch wide) with an elegant something borrowed peacock pearl and real farthing (something old). The bail is made of rose gold vermeil and represents something new.