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Sixpence Necklaces go looooonger

Sometimes its nice to just dabble with the silver box and see what happens. Making products to order is wonderful, but sometimes having free rein feels deliciously naughty and productive all at the same time. So here is one of the outcomes – a (total) 32inch sterling silver chain with two 1960’s sixpences attached and a sterling silver key. I always keep my first of each design, so I’ve shotgunned this one, but other will be available through custom order (bespoke service) and you can even name the dates you’d like or have random coins attached however you wish. These would be a great anniversary gift with husband and wife birthdates, or dates of grandparents births, parents, oh the ideas are endless.

I’m not usually one for selfies, but as there’s no face, this one can pass 🙂