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New Bee Necklaces have arrived!

I by chance came across a beautiful little coin on my afternoon of sourcing last week, and after making a necklace for myself, have decided to roll out these little trinkets.

I feel so passionately about our bees and their unique role in our eco-system. I absolutely love anything bee – I use propolis for skin, beeswax for candles, honey on my porridge and even bees wax wraps instead of cling film. I plant so many bee friendly plants in my garden, so the little critters have all-year round energy.

It seems only natural that there should be a coin out there to fill my bees needs too! Bee jewellery is definitely on trend.

So these are the ones  have added to the website this morning. One has a lovely toggle design, as these are some of the most popular kinds of necklaces Prenoa sells. The front fastening seems to be a feature that is loved year after year.

The second has a piece of Himalayan amber attached as a charm – this will catch the light like molten honey and works really well with the coin itself.

And as ever, a coin only design; which is perfect for all you purists out there.

Each coin is made of brass, with rose gold vermeil as the metal of choice (or sterling silver with the toggle design if you wish).

As ever, each coin is unique in the journey it has taken and these particular coins are Italian in origin, from the 1920’s and 30’s. Perfect for vintage lovers and coin appreciators alike.

You can click the images to take you directly to the products for a closer inspection and gift wrap is also customisable with these designs. I have a feeling these are going to be the new Prenoa favourite!


Bee Necklace – Amber Coin Pendant

Bee Necklace with Amber

Bee Coin Necklace

Rose gold bee necklace, being worn
Italian coin necklace handmade featuring a beautiful bee motif. Rose gold findings.
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Prenoa Lifestyle Shoot Sneaky Peek

Prenoa is having a bit of a make over and it’s not just about the jewellery. In June, talented photographer Katie Julia came to Stamford and in the beautiful afternoon light, took some photos of myself and our models Magdalene, Lottie and the beautiful little Florence. In the captivating setting of an early Victorian home, we captured some effective shots that will be used in the months to come.

Photos will be making their appearance on the front end of the website in the next few weeks, featuring all the models and showcasing new designs, new ideas and new stationary.

Here are a few little shots of both ‘in progress’ and final results. Thank you to Katie, Lottie, Magda and little Flo for bringing the products to life, you are all sensational.







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A Handmade Necklace that isn’t just a Handmade Necklace – It’s love, memory and strength

A few months ago I was sent a little American one cent coin from a dear friend who I did my Art Foundation course with. The coin was very special to her as she had found it on the streets of New York with her Mum a few years ago who picked it up. Last year she went through life changing experiences and sadly one of those was losing her darling Mum. Months later, my friend was randomly going through her own haberdashery at a similar time to me posting my first coin necklaces… and although she does not know how it got there, the little coin with an angel cut out of it, that her Mum has rescued from the New York streets was in her button box. This prompted her to get in touch and ask me to make it into a necklace for the amazing trip she is going on at the end of the month, teaching English in China (so proud of her). So this is what I have made for her, with carnelian semi precious stone (the stone for courage and motivation), amber glass and an ochre freshwater pearl. I wish you all the luck in the world K!! Sometimes we shouldn’t question why, but only be pleased that something is. Here’s to dreams, to blessings not losses; to bouncing back from life’s knocks so we grasp every opportunity with open arms and courage xxx

Copper Cent Necklace
An old keepsake can make the most wonderful piece of jewellery and be kept close to the heart


Another view of the beautiful angel stamped out of the cent coin
Another view of the beautiful angel stamped out of the cent coin


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Lucky Sixpence Silver Coin Jewellery – Wearable Commemorative Classics

Silver Sixpence Necklace


As you will see from my new banner, I think 2014 is going to be a lucky year! With so much on the horizon and so many plans for the future, it’s an exciting time not only in business terms, but out of hours too. And I can’t wait, bring it on!

So, to practise what I preach, I’m launching my new take on my classic coin jewellery. For those who like silver more than copper, why not get yourself one of these necklaces. Silver sixpences (although silver in colour they are not actually silver, they are composite metal) have always been thought of as lucky, given to children at their christenings and traditionally placed in Christmas puddings on 25th December. These coin pieces are effectively two in one jewellery pieces and I’ll tell you why. The coin can be ordered in your choice of year. Traditionally a sixpence, (but other coins available depending on date required), this could be a birth year, family birthdate, anniversary or the year you got married, it could also be simply a token of affection for a bride-to-be to bring her some luck on her special day with no reference to a date. It may also be that the groom could do with some luck too, he could have cufflinks made, a tie pin or perhaps a shepherd’s hook to add to his traditional lapel.

This sixpence necklace has a muted colour but is big on classic and stylish wear


Secondly, why not add a charm to your piece. If a necklace / bracelet or pair of earrings is what you are after for instance, a charm can be made to suit you. Some ideas include favourite colours, murano glass, a birthstone or collection of birthstones, stones for healing, crystals to glisten and shine, something blue for a bride-to-be or beads made with earthy materials like hematite, wood or leather, ideal for the chaps. These charms can be fixed to the coin or made removable. This is ideal for necklaces or bracelets, as when you only want to wear the coin, you can remove the charm and vice versa.


Havng a removeable charm can make all the difference to how often you wear your piece
Havng a removeable charm can make all the difference to how often you wear your piece
Ruby glass & turquoise charm coin necklace
Using lots of bright colours can alter a coin necklace completely. Give your design a retro, classic, rainbow or whimsicle feel by using different tones and materials

Sterling silver necklaces in ready-made designs start at £22.00 online, and include free giftwrapping. All coins are carefully cleaned to remove surface dirt but not damage the patina of the coin. They are then drilled, filed and wiped with an antibacterial solution to ensure they are safe for jewellery use. Custom orders vary in price depending on the year of coin required (I never drill rare coins) the item and complexity of charms. Copper coins and silver plated pieces start from £12.00 online and £12.50 for custom orders. Every lovely item is giftwrapped in tissue paper and organza, but you’re welcome to add a gift box to your order and a personalised message too.


I love making these pieces and as I mentioned in my Christmas blog post, every piece tells a unique story about the person they are made for. Do get in touch if you would like more information about my coin jewellery and accessories by emailing

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No Longer Used But Never Forgotten

Since moving to wordpress last week and leaving beautiful weebly behind, I have missed my old blog and found myself looking through it and sharing some nice moments all over again. So if you would like to do the same, here is the link to it:

I can’t wait to share my thoughts, makes, plans and experiences with you on this new blog and hope you will stay with me on my journey and hop aboard for the ride.

Becky x