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The Half Penny that Shaped the Spring

This beautiful new design has just launched on the website – the 60th birthday Calm Sea half penny with a new, nautical gold filled statement toggle clasp. This design is inspired by the portholes on the penny and when I first saw these large toggle clasps I just knew I had to use them for something special.

This necklace is so adaptable and is made to be gifted for so many wonderful occasions. Firstly, it’s available in various years, but I’ve released the 1958 version today. Ideal as a 60th gift, but this can also double up for the partner of someone in the navy, or why not a gold anniversary gift (since it is made with both rose gold and yellow gold..?), but I also love the bronze link, as this is what the coin was minted in.

As ever, I have made one for myself and plan to wear it over and over again this Spring / Summer. It goes with my funky light jeans and pale grey ensemble, that you’ll so regularly see me sporting when I’m working in the studio or running to the supermarket, or post office! One thing I’d add, get the 24inch version, as the longer length just works. Also, you can then use it as the footer to a layer combination… maybe with a cheeky little wren design several inches higher… (swoon).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a photo of the necklace in question, I hope you like it!