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Well Dressed is Well Met

This morning I waved hubby off with a crisp white shirt and his first set of Prenoa cufflinks… and it got me to thinking how important a good pair of cufflinks are. There are certain physical things we notice about people when we first meet them (for me it’s eyes colour, their smile, their watch and their shoes!). After this morning, cufflinks are now added to my list.

When he put the gold threepences on and tilted his wrist to peek, he smiled and looked pleased. It blew me away and I asked him how he felt. He said ‘fully dressed now, ready for all the day has in store for me, thank you’. I wonder, if any other Prenoa cufflinks make a man feel that way… I certainly hope so because everyone deserves to feel happy at the start of their day!

So, I’ve been working at putting together a few more products that I hope will be the finishing touch for someone you love. All Prenoa cufflinks have sterling silver backs and are soldered with the highest finish in mind. Polished, finished by hand and gift boxed in specially designed cufflink box

Silver, gold, bronze and more – I feel, they evoke a feeling of high standards, historical respect, integrity and timeless class. They are intriguing but no gimmick, original and timeworn.

Every day is an occasion when you make the most of what you have.