For Becky most popular services, Jewellery Repair and Custom Ordering / Bespoke, please select each page from the drop-down menu. For information on the other services Becky can offer you, please read on.

Advice Becky offers free consultations in all manner of her business. If you would like help choosing jewellery for a loved one, co-ordinating jewellery to stock in your outlet, or would like to know what your jewellery is made of, Becky will be happy to help.

Artist in Residency
As a qualified teacher of Art and Design Technology, Becky has experience of teaching at both primary and secondary school level including sixth form. Her past placements as an Artist in residence has included school installations, extensions tasks to GCSE coursework and enrichment programmes focussed on drawing skills and imagination. Becky is up to date with current frameworks and is capable of planning and implementing her own schemes of works and projects, as well as working from an external brief, alone or with colleagues. Becky can also be hired to talk about her career as a designer to young people and those looking to follow in the Art and Design industry.

Art and Design
Becky can cater for a range of Art and Design needs – from painting murals to designing leaflets. She has a strong art and design background through her education and working practice. Becky uses her drawing skills on a daily basis, along with graphical CAD experience to product her own designs and surfac pattern. If you would like a banner for your website, new business cards or a logo designing, do get in touch.

Graphic Design
As briefly mentioned, Becky has strong hand rendered and CAD operating graphic skills. Having previously worked on a freelance basis for a greetings card company and specialising in digital print on her major degree project, she has an excellent grasp of varying materials and combining type with imagery.

As Becky is a qualified teacher, she offers an enrichment programme service for students who are working through current education frameworks, to expand their skills and compliment the work they are doing at school or college. Becky offers sessions on a group or one-to-one basis. The subject knowledge covers textiles, art, fine art, graphic design, illustration and photography. All of which, Becky has taught first hand in school for the last four years. Becky is fully credit checked and can travel to your location (locally) or teach from her office in Peterborough city. This service is open to children and adults and can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you want to improve your drawing skills, make something for a loved one or pass your A Levels.

Interior Design and Home Furnishing
Becky has many years experience working with textiles, soft furnishings and interior design. Having decorated her Georgian listed home from scratch with her partner, she has an understanding of authentic period decor as well as modern and retro finishes. A keen antique enthusiast, Becky loves to combine styles (her bold Art Deco dining room with 1930’s Odeon lights and 1960’s Merrow furniture is an example of this) as well as be authentic to the time, right down to colour and paint finish. Becky is all about the detail, so spacial awareness, budget and authenticity are all used in good measure. Becky loves rooms that make you feel glad every time you enter them and with a bit of passion and imagination, any space can be made to work hard and compliment a home.

Presentations, Public Speaking and Private Functions
Over the last ten years Becky has spoken publicly in many surroundings including WI meetings, Enterprise Days and Sixth Forms. She is available to speak about her experience, jewellery making, art skills, her business or being a creative business in general. These sessions can be accompanied by Becky’s products and the talk to sale ratio is set by the host. Becky also offers a workshop presentation style too, which proves popular to networking companies and themed corporate days. Please email Becky for quotations and further information if you would like her to visit your event.