1948 Farthing Necklace – 70th Birthday Gift -Rose Gold


The perfect 70th birthday gift of a lucky wren farthing coin dated 1948, double drilled with a rose gold vermeil chain. the perfect 70th birthday gift idea by Prenoa.

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Using an elegant 1948 original jenny wren farthing, this necklace has been cleaned by hand and double drilled, with an 18inch rose gold vermeil rolo link chain.

The coin is 20mm in diameter and 1mm deep, featuring a wren on one side of the coin and King George IV on the heads.

To add a birthstone to this design, please select from the drop down menu when purchasing.

Rose gold vermeil is sterling silver thickly plated with rose gold. The coin is made of brass and the colouring of both beside one another is an excellent match.

Keep brass clean by polishing regularly.

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