1939 Italian 10c – Rose Gold Limited Edition 80th Gift


80th Birthday Italian 10c, minted in bronze and refashioned lovingly into a rose gold vermeil or solid rose gold necklace.

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Chain Length and Metal


This beautiful coin necklace featuring an original Italian 10 centisimi coin minted in 1939. It would make a ideal gift for anyone born in this year or celebrating a 80th anniversary. A very rare coin that is limited edition to Prenoa – these coins never stay long before finding their forever homes.

This exquisite coin was minted between 1939 and 1943 in Italy and features the King Vittorio Emanuele II on the heads and the Crowned Savoy coat of arms, with an ear of wheat on the left and oak leaves on the right. 

The coin measures 22mm in diameter and has been cleaned and polished by hand. It is 2mm deep with a smooth edge and amde of bronze.
It has an 8mm rose gold vermeil bail. 
The chain is made of rose gold vermeil, or solid rose gold. Available in two lengths, 18inches and 24inches.

Prenoa hand makes this design for you in Stamford, UK. Prenoa means ‘being true to what is, and what has been’ meaning your design is not only about the giving, but the journey. We hope this necklace will bring love and good fortune to your recipient.