Double Bronze Necklace – Ship and Wren


Double sixpence necklace featuring Prenoa’s joining process and sterling silver chain. The best of British, made to live long with you. 

Sixpence Year


Necklace Length


Made with perfection in mind.

This classic piece is handmade using two genuine British bronze imperial coins. Each has been cleaned by hand and soldered with silver*. The first coin is a half penny, featured with the Golden Hind ship on the tails and the monarch on the reverse. These coins were plentifully minted, until 1967, with some slight variation on the sea (calm sea and rough sea).

The second coin is the much love jenny wren farthing. It was minted until 1955 and sits alongside the half penny as it’s smaller ‘sister’.

Ideal for a bronze anniversary, or to commemorate loved ones, this glorious necklace is teamed with a rose gold vermeil or filled chain at a length of your choice.

Your special piece is made entirely for you and as such, you can be sure the coins you receive have been freshly soldered and polished to a shine.


Reversible necklace, available in heads/tails combination of your choice

Rose gold vermeil or rose gold filled rolo chain, spring ring fastening

Golden Hind half penny (23mm diameter), in bronze and a jenny wren farthing (20mm diameter) also bronze, soldered together and each drilled

Polished to a fine shine and finished entirely by hand


Present in a luxe black Prenoa gift box, this piece is very special. Ideal for a bronze 8th wedding anniversary, 70th or 80th birthday, fashion necklace or to commemorate family members or friendships.

A polishing cloth is included with this item, as regular cleaning is recommended for any jewellery that comes into direct contact with the skin. Oils and chemicals have a direct effect on tarnishing. *Many items of this kind are glued or base metal soldered – this is not the case with Prenoa’s designs, which use silver solder in our unique process to join the coins and increase longevity of your item.