Calm Sea Golden Hind Half Penny Necklace


Chain Length


This beautiful coin necklace is handmade using a genuine British bronze lucky half penny. It would make an exquisite gift for a birthday or bronze anniversary. The coin has been cleaned and polished by hand and features the Golden Hind, the ship that Francis Drake sailed across the waves.


Half penny, 1960-1967, 22mm diameter

Rose Gold Vermeil ball chain, 1mm ball links, 18-24inches

Prenoa hand makes this design for you, here in historic Stamford, UK. Prenoa means ‘being true to what is, and what has been’ meaning your design is not only about the giving, but the journey. We hope this necklace will bring love and good fortune always.

The half penny was worth 1/2d in old imperial money. There were 240 pence (d) in a pound, so 480 of these coins made one pound. They were minted until 1967, with the design changing very little since the 1930’s. Each measures 22m in diameter, so the lovely ship is very visible and perfect as a pendant.

Gift boxed and ready for giving. Keep this item clean with regular care.