Penny Farthing Necklace – Wren and Britannia


Classic penny farthing necklace using real coins with rose gold findings. Perfect for layering, British designs by Prenoa.

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Using real brass coins, this beautiful penny farthing necklace is handmade using one original British one pence and one original jenny wren farthing. A twist on a classic term, this necklace is a show-stopper.

The coins are each made of brass, and you will receive random dates of each. This necklace is available using older vintage and antique coins here in my shop.

The penny measures 30mm (1,4inches) in diameter and is made of brass. It features Britannia on the tails and the monarch on the heads.

The farthing measures 20mm (0,8inches) in diameter and is made of brass. It features the monarch and jenny wren bird.

The bail is rose gold vermeil and holds both coins in place, one over the other.

The chain is made also of rose gold vermeil and is a ball chain with spring clasp, available in a variety of lengths.

Ideal for layering or wearing as a medallion, this beautiful coin necklace is a timeless classic.

A Prenoa gift box is included with a complimentary polishing cloth.

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